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Fishdom 3

Genre: Puzzle

William would like to have a word with you.

Or Benjamin or Larry, or whatever you decide to name your fish. But whatever you call him, he's got a message for you. Feed me! Keep my tank clean! And swap those undersea tiles to earn money to buy me nice home accessories! Dive in for some shopping to trick out that tank, and then create an undersea wonderland for your colorful creatures, all with their own personalities!

Swap sea-themed tiles of three or more to make matches. You must clear all gold, locked, double-locked, and iron-plated tiles on a board in order to complete the level.

Create cascades or make matches of four, five, or six tiles to unlock explosives that help you clear the board faster!

You acquire lightning by setting of 7 bombs.  Lightning can be used to remove all the pieces of one type from the board.  To do this, exchange it on the field with the type of piece you want to destroy.