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Fishdom: Harvest Splash

Genre: Puzzle

A cornucopia of coastal challenge!

Dive into the deep blue sea, and earn a fortune in coins! Then spend them on the perfect upgrades, accessories, and harvest-themed decorations, as you build your ultimate autumn aquarium. Can you collect enough sunken treasure to buy the rare and elusive turkey-fish?

Create matches of three or more identical icons, by swapping adjacent tiles. Making a match on top of a golden tile will break it. Break all golden tiles to move on to the next round!

Match more than four icons to create a helpful powerup, such as a bomb or firecracker. Simply click the powerup or swap with any adjacent icon, to detonate several surrounding tiles.

The coins you earn by breaking golden tiles can be spent on aquarium upgrades, decorations, or fish. Each purchase adds to one of your progress meters – fill all three bars to win a trophy!