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Play Mahjongg by Arkadium free online!


Mahjongg … easy to play, difficult to master!
It seems so easy—match as many mahjongg tiles as you can before time’s up. Easier said than done. It takes speed, strategy, a keen eye for detail, and all the luck a Mahjongg master can summon to match a complete set of 144 tiles!




Click any pair of matching ‘free’ tiles—uncovered and with a free edge on the left or right side—to clear them. Flowers and Seasons tiles don’t need to be precisely matched; like can go with like.


Play Mahjongg by Arkadium free online!



To enjoy a grander sight, just climb to a greater height. In this game, click Options, choose the view that helps you ‘see’ the most matches, and then click OK.


Play Mahjongg by Arkadium free online!



Make all possible matches and you get a new tile set. That said, if you’re not seeing any matches, you can click Deal New Tileset!


Play Mahjongg by Arkadium free online!





  Tips and Strategies




·     Once the game loads, the clock starts counting down!




·     Remember, you can match any Flower tile with another such tile; these types of tiles do not have to be precisely matched. Season tiles are the same too.




·     Some tile faces look alike, which ups the challenge and trains your brain! To keep confusion at bay, hover your mouse over a tile and verify its value in the window at the lower left-hand corner. Also, focus on distinguishing patterns and symbols.




·     If three tiles with the same symbol are available, pick the two that free up the most tiles.




·     Toggling between Perspective and Front views can help you catch overlooked matches. Click Options, select a view, and then click OK. The game clock pauses as you do so.




·     Click Deal New Tileset if you’re unable to make any matches. You won’t lose points. Doing so refreshes the board and keeps you matching.