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Rise of Atlantis

Genre: Action & Arcade

Find artifacts to rebuild Atlantis!

Raise the legendary continent of Atlantis from the waves and restore its former glory! This extraordinary puzzle game offers spectacular new features, handy bonuses, and explosive power-ups as you set out on an adventurous quest across the ancient lands of Phoenicia, Babylon, and Egypt. Match the right items and uncover the powerful artifacts of Poseidon – patron god of Atlantis!

Left click on any tile to swap it with an adjacent tile. Tiles can be swapped either horizontally or vertically. Make a match of three or more tiles to clear them from the board.

Move artifact pieces towards the bottom of the puzzle by matching the tiles beneath. Assemble Poseidon's artifact by freeing pieces from the last row.

Use the Sun, Bomb, and Lightning power-ups to help clear tiles. But keep an eye on the timer bar – when it reaches zero you'll lose a life!