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“MSN Games announcement for upcoming changes”






What happened to the Internet games that used to be in Windows?







Thank you for using the MSN Games Internet Games matchmaking service to connect with other players around the world! 








Please note that this feature is supported by Windows XP only.  Once you upgrade to Windows Vista, the following Internet Games will no longer be supported: Backgammon, Checkers, Hearts, Reversi, and Spades.  If you would like to continue playing these great card and board games, please try our MSN Games and MSN Messenger versions:












Backgammon - http://zone.msn.com/en/backgammon/zpadefault.htm








Checkers - http://zone.msn.com/en/checkers/zpadefault.htm








Hearts - http://zone.msn.com/en/hearts/zpadefault.htm








Spades - http://zone.msn.com/en/spades/zpadefault.htm








Messenger Reversi - http://zone.msn.com/en/general/article/rvsimessengerlaunch








To play these free games, you will need to be a member of MSN Games. Join today: http://zone.msn.com/en/general/article/gennewmember.htm








For many other exciting, FREE casual games, please visit http://games.msn.com/!