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Saints & Sinners Bingo

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Genre: Card & Casino

It’s bingo the way bingo should be!

Eccentric characters, lucky charms, dirty tricks, a variety of winning patterns, and gameplay as fast or slow as you prefer -- Saints and Sinners Bingo has all the excitement of traditional bingo, with all the attitude of the saints (and sinners) who play it.

Check the Bingo pattern to see which squares you need to mark, or “daub”, in order to complete a Bingo.

Three numbers will be called at a time. When the numbers are called, daub the appropriate squares on your card. The next set of numbers will be called automatically after 40 seconds, or immediately if you click Next Call.

Charms are items which can help you win the game. Roll your cursor over a charm for a description of what it does and how to use it.